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The Colours of Bangladesh


Event Location: Paul Keating Park, Bankstown, NSW 2200 

Ticket/Registration Fee Details:  

Until 10 December 2017, 

Food Stall - Single: $500 (including $100 bond)
Food Stall - Double: $600 (including $100 bond)
Other Stall: $300
Ad: $600

After 10 December 2017,

Food Stall - Single: $550 (including $100 bond)
Food Stall - Double: $650 (including $100 bond)
Other Stall: $350
Ad: $650

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Refund: $100 bond for food stall will be deposited to your nominated bank account after the event.  

Event Organiser: Branding Bangladesh Inc.

Contact: Nusrat Tanjina (0410 043 702)


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