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How to share a product

Thank you very much for joining Trendy Ideas as a Social Media Referrer. Now you can earn commission from the product that sold because of your sharing. First step was to register your details to our affiliate program. We have partnered with Refersion, a referral marketing platform.
Refersion platform helps the referrers to create trackable links for sharing and also keeps track of your commission that you earn from the product sold from your referral. If you haven't register your details yet, please register your details now.

Let's take a look at the steps involve to share products from Trendy Ideas Marketplace to your social media networks as a Social Media Referrer.

Step 1

Copy the link of a product,

Copy the link of the product that your want to share from the address bar as shown in the example.

Step 2 

affiliate program login window,

Open a new browser and type .Provide your email and password to log in. 

affiliate program sample dashboard,

After login your dashboard will appear.

Step 3

link to a specific page link,

Click create link to a specific page under the link options of your dashboard. New custom link window will pop up.

Step 4

new custom link window,

Paste the link you copied from Trendy Ideas Marketplace to the "Enter destination page URL". Click "Create Link" button. 

refersion new link window,

Copy the newly created link.

refersion shorten link,

You can create a shorten link of the original link by clicking the "Shorten" button. The link can be shared using the share buttons under the link too.

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