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September 13, 2018

Opportunity does not knock every day. You probably more familiar with “F” word and “C” word. If not Google it. But “M” word? Can be anything but to me it is motivation. And I’m looking forward to investing in someone else’s motivation. Am I a crazy person?

Zinan is 11 years old. My friends, Bapon and Juma’s son. He plays soccer and a big fan of FC Barcelona. At the beginning of September received a message in Facebook messenger from Juma. She said if I was interested in Steptember. She was looking for a team member.

Before this message from her, I had no clue about Steptember. When I read her message I thought she made a spelling mistake. I couldn’t understand what she wanted me to do. I replied by asking, what are you talking about?

She asked me to Google Steptember. I read her first message again and realized that Steptember was not a spelling mistake. I Googled it. After reading about Steptember, I felt very annoyed with me for my limited knowledge. At that point, I was happy to know about Steptember but was not motivated to take part.

I messaged my friend, saying it is a fundraising activity. In reply, she said that I did not need to raise fund. Zinan would raise fund by selling cupcake.

When kids of that age are busy with childish excitement, my friend’s eleven-year-old son wants to raise money for the research and much-needed services to fight against movement and posture related disorders. His motivation was overwhelming. I asked myself if an eleven-year-old can show that kind of motivation now, what will he be able to do when he grows up? I felt this is a great opportunity to support a young motivated man with a lot of potentials. I joined their team.

I asked him where did he get his motivation. He replied one day my dad and I were playing cricket in front of our house. An adult who looked like he was in his young 20s approached us and asked us if he could play. I was overwhelmed that we had someone else playing.

But then I realized something. It seemed like he was struggling to move his feet. Later I found out that Adam has walking difficulties.

Like Adam, there are a lot of kids can’t even do basic skills like moving hand or moving legs due to a sickness that impacts movement and posture. By just thinking about this even once makes me cry, not to mention some kids can’t even move their hand to write. They can’t draw and much more they are disallowed to do. To me, that is like not having my rights.

I wanted to do something to help. But an eleven-years-old what can I do? Then dad said I could raise money for research. He said I could join “Steptember”. And Mom, dad and I in New Zealand along with one of my dad's friend in Australia joined Steptember challenge.

steptember dashboardTo date, Zinan had walked more than 177,000 steps. The team had walked more than 395,000 steps. How can you not back a motivated, determined and kind-hearted kid like him? He wanted to raise only $100 for Steptember. If we all get together we can help him to raise lot more which will boost his morale and more money for research and service for those kids and adults struggling with their movement and posture.

If you are around in his area in Auckland, please buy a cupcake from him.

If you are not in his area, you still can support him. Trendy Ideas will donate the marketplace commission which is 9% for all products sold during September 2018.

Please spread the word of this motivated young man’s journey. That will be a great help too.

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